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Deliberately Random
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This Community is for the purpose of relieving random tensions and whatnot. You can't be boring though. That's the only problem.

Please, try not to be offensive. Everyone should enjoy being random.

Basically, this is for the inner child to come out and play or the crazy that builds up all day and needs an outlet. For instance the first post which is my review of Franklin the cartoon. Built up and there you have it. So, yeah.

Wierd news, Funnied Reviews, Random stuff. That's basically Teddybear Corset for you. Plus, we all get to enjoy the fruits of the randomness of each other...

Come and join!! It'll be wheefun!!! *facepalms at the utter horror he has just released into the world*

Oh, yes. All those red spots you see in the background. I need pictures to go there...so I want you guys to come up with some you'd like in your community. Send them to me...