Huh, Oh....oh yeah! (criminalasylum) wrote in teddybearcorset,
Huh, Oh....oh yeah!

End of time...

Went to IHOP last weekend-

Woman asks why I am wearing a dog collar and leash on my neck. I tell her its my dead dogs. She wants to talk to me, I tell her I'm going to pee my pants if she doesn't let me go. She comes over to my table later and rants for twenty minutes about how her boyfriend broke up with her, and how she'd switch places if she could.

Went to Denny's today:

Man comes over and tells us that Jesus wants us to change our lives drastically the way we think and feel so on and so on. Thank God logan was wearing some christian youth group shirt and told him we had our own beliefs, jeebus, what the hell is up with people?
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