Huh, Oh....oh yeah! (criminalasylum) wrote in teddybearcorset,
Huh, Oh....oh yeah!

Maloney is God.

KatyGod is no more. She has been demoted sadly due to her position of not wanting to be God, so instead we have promoted someone else among your ranks.

His name is among those whispered by the brothel girls in the dark corners of the BMCHS girls locker room. He raises his hands and defies the laws of hitler staging sports games where balls end up flying at teacher's head and still he manages to escape unscathed. He sometimes where's a green jacket which proclaims psychotic king of all that which we call Bishop Moore.

He knows more than most human beings ever and he isn't to tell you that. He scored perfectly on the SAT. Her is a god unnamed yet, he will name himself and reveal it to us.
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